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The hospitality industry is a large, very active, and ever evolving industry. The demand for their services is high, and customers expect the best service at any restaurant or hotel that they visit. In order to remain competitive as well as supply to the demand of the customers, restaurants and hotels need to have efficient processes in place as well as the correct catering equipment. They need to be able to deliver consistently and quickly every time. In response to this need, there is a wide range of catering equipment and commercial refrigeration available to the hospitality industry.

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The vast array of catering equipment available to the hospitality industry includes the following products.

Every restaurant needs crockery and cutlery. It's best to invest in durable plates, cups and saucers to minimize damage.

Display dishes and serving dishes are very useful for hotel restaurants that make use of buffet areas. Chafing dishes and bain marines are also high in demand in this area.

Coffee machines and urns are required for serving warm drinks especially during breakfast times. It's ideal to find a commercial coffee machine that is able to endure the constant demand for coffee on a daily basis and at all times of day and night.

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There are various warmers that keep dishes warm before serving such as pie warmers, cup warmers, plate warmers, induction warmers, and heated display cabinets.

Other catering equipment available to the hospitality industry includes fryers, grillers, chip dumps, pasta cookers, toasters, ovens, carvery stations and many storage options. Finding the right catering equipment for your restaurant or hotel will depend on how many customers you serve on a daily basis and most importantly the food items on the menu. Different food items require different kitchen equipment as preparation and cooking methods vary vastly. Also, consider the types of food you serve and if you can prepare it in advance or when it is ordered. These criteria will narrow down your search for the correct catering equipment for your restaurant.

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Commercial refrigeration equipment includes beverage coolers, blast chillers or freezers, cold food bars, chest freezers, cold rooms, freezer rooms, wall chillers, upright freezers, and display fridges. The range of display fridges available for the hospitality industry include ice cream display fridges, pastries display fridges, and cake display fridges. For your specific restaurant, you have to do your homework in order to choose the correct one to suit your requirements.

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