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In the past people have had to use the most extreme methods to uncover the truth about their cheating partners. Tactics have been extreme such as the hiring of personal detectives to follow and photograph the potentially cheating spouse around and of course this costs the partner who is paying for him an arm and a leg! People have also used devices to track their adulterous partners by planting software in cars, around the home or at their work place. This of course is also rather pricey and neither of these strategies are completely accurate as even the best detective cannot be awake at all hours of the day and software placed in one particular location could be discovered and is not with your spouse at all times. Rather trying these time consuming and inconsistent ways of uncovering the truth about your cheating spouse  and are wondering how to spy on text messages, then why not try SMS spy software? Incredibly easy to download (literally just takes a few minutes) and completely hidden on the user’s phone, SMS spy software is a revolutionary way of catching those two-timing love rats.

Sarah from Maryland suspected that her husband of 10 years Harry had been seeing a woman from work behind her back. ‘Harry had been staying late at the office at least 4 days of the week which is more than ever does’. One day I went there to bring him some dinner and he wasn’t there. He didn’t answer the phone and when he came home later he said that he had just been out with some friends.’

Although Sarah felt in her gut that something wasn’t right she did not have enough evidence to accuse her husband straight out. ‘I needed something to give me some real proof and I had heard about how to spy on text messages online so thought I’d give it a go as it was cheap and easy’. Within minutes, Sarah had connected to the text message tracking device after she downloaded it onto Harry’s phone. ‘The next day I logged into my account and saw flirty texts between my husband and a lady from work. They referred to their sexual encounters and he even mentioned that he thought I was getting suspicious’. As painful as this was for Sarah and many others who discover that their spouse’s cheating, once they find out how to spy on text messages, and they give it a try, they are amazed just what they uncover because SMS spy software enables you to know the truth once and for all.

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