Brian Hadley

Brian Hadley

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I am 63 years old but, fortunately, am able to remain active

My career path has moved in 2 totally diverse directions

In path 1 worked my way through the ranks to middle management, thats hands on people management and entered into retirement, supposedly, in 2001 at age 50

My latest career, again in a management capacity, I have run both a care home and suppoered living units. I continue to work on the supported living side, but am looking to broaden my horizons

In my social life I like watching + playing golf, watch all sports and am an avid listener to radio programmes. I enjoy reading and holidays. I also enjoy my venture into stocks and shares which has worked out reasonably well for me

I see myself as a quite outward person a good communcator and able to manage people + situations quite well  

I am willing to consider anything 


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