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Hi there, My name is Bradley J and I am a voice actor/Youtuber. I have a sense of humour which ranges from bad puns to obscure references and everything in between. I am a father of two and husband to a very supportive and tolerant wife!

I am a great beleiver in the great work charities can do and have previously done some charity based dares/challenges most notably waking my chest for comic releief (never again) and completing the Mendip Mercury Challenge, a 30 mile walk accross the Mendips which was the hardest physical thing I've ever done but also the proudest as I single handedly raised £400 for a local hospice care.

If I beleive in a charity I will support it in anyway I can be it by financial support or by raising funds myself. I encourage you to help by either sponsoring me or sharing this information so others may be able to.

Thank you for visiting.

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