Bradley Aubrey

Bradley Aubrey

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Gillingham, Kent

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I am a person which cares a lot for the environment, wildlife and conservation of our green spaces. I have lived throughout England and I find that Medway lacks in these environmental areas and I would like to volunteer my assistance to help improve this.I am a very practical person and I am a keen gardener.

I can use these green fingered abilities to help with the practical management of conservation or park sites whether this is simple litter pick or helping to cut back overgrowth, or large scale planting or relocations. I am attending a Level 3 Extended Diploma course on Animal Management, and this has helped me gain knowledge and abilities in caring effectively for animals. I have a very keen interest in helping to reduce the loss of our bees.

I can apply my knowledge to help aid conservation and habitat improvements both to help the public, and the wildlife resident. I would like to take part in any practical conservation efforts, aside from surveying, within roughly 4 miles of ME75LL, since I do not have transport of my own aside from a half broken bike. As said before, I am especially keen on using my green fingers. 

NB: Please, If you or your organization are removing plants entirely from your area, help save the environment and offer me those plants instead. Although I know I will not be able to take on large areas of plants, or large trees, I will try to take on and relocate what I can so that the plant does not need to be wasted.

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