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Established in 2014, The Botulinum Toxin Club (BTC) was founded by aesthetician and dentist Dr Harry Singh. BTC is one of UKs leading botox courses for doctors workshop providers in London and the UK for dentists, doctors, hygienists, specialists and nurses. BTC won Outstanding Business of the Year 2018 at the prestigious Dental Industry Awards in London.

BTC will not only give you the confidence and competence to deliver a wide range of botox training for nurses london but give you the ongoing business support to fully establish your new revenue stream. Through an accredited clinical workshop providing Botox and Dermal fillers training courses in London, you can be on route to grow your facial aesthetics business. Our Botulinum Toxin courses gives you enough confidence and competence to offer a wide range of facial aesthetics treatments and enables you to unlock a new revenue stream.

Facial aesthetics courses include combined Basic, Advanced Toxin & Dermal Fillers and Perioral Masterclass. BTC is soon to be launching Level 7 Injectables Training for Aesthetic Medicine.

Our team of trainers have successfully mentored many doctors, dentists and nurses on treating the most common facial areas like the forehead, frown lines and fine lines near eyes.

Join us today to learn how to increase your profits through Dr Harry's "9 Step Blueprint For Increased Profits In Your Facial Aesthetics Business". BTC runs Botulinum Toxin training courses all over the UK and Ireland, giving you an opportunity to join a course close to you.

Visit our website or call us on 08000 472 038 to book your accredited clinical workshops today in London. We look forward to having you join a beginner, and leave an accredited trainer. BTC also have a money-back guarantee helping you protect your investment.

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