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Hi, my name is Boogie Thompson and I am currently studying for my A levels (chemistry, biology, French and Economics). I know that I want to go to university to study either medicine or international relations. My ultimate goal is to work for an international NGO.

I volunteered with RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) for two years, have spent time in the "Calais Jungle" assisting with doctors and nurses in the medical caravans and collecting rubbish at other points. I also volunteer at my local care home, and, at sixth form, help with two clubs; reading club where I help a child with learning difficulties with their reading skills and homework club where I meet up with a learning-disabled student weekly and help them with their homework. I am also part of the buddy mentor scheme where sixth formers are paired up with year 7 and 8s and provide them with support if they are struggling (eg with making friends or struggling to control their behaviour in lessons). I have a part-time job where i do administrative at my local GP surgery.

I found volunteering in Calais the hardest. I managed to collect dozens of bin bags of clothing to take over there and felt really proud of myself. However, when I got there and went into the camp (the first time doing clothing distribution) I felt so useless and angry. It took some time for me to accept that that was all I could do at that time. One lady hugged and thanked me, I felt undeserving but am happy to know that, just for that moment, maybe I helped take a weight of off that lady's shoulders. This is why I want to volunteer, even if I can only help someone for a moment, that moment can mean the world.

I enjoy reading, cooking, playing the flute, meeting with friends and unicycling. I love learning and working towards something, having a goal to achieve.

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