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I am 50 something, going on 25 and donít take myself too seriously!

I am fortunate not to work, but enjoy helping others in any way I can and keep myself busy. In fact the day is just not long enough so in between walking my border collie Poppet I enjoy helping at the Riding for the Disabled, being on the committee for MATCH, a motherís apart charity, and also hopefully a trip to Kosovo perhaps later this year doing some project work. I have even been known to make curtains for friends and family.

Graham and I love to travel and have been very lucky in the last few years to visit some small islands and big cities.

Staying closer to home, I have once again taken up darts after a break of about 18 years. The team I play for have just won the winter league in which during one game I scored 180! I have always had an interest in art and have taken up watercolour painting (well sort of).

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