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Things to remember when choosing a gaming headset
What do customers need in a headset?
Just like everything else in a gaming gear, to choose a headset that you like, the first thing you need to do is clarify your needs & goals when buying gaming headsets.

What kind of games do customers play? Customers need sound like?

Each of the Game categories, the Game series will have a completely different sound system & play style, so customers will need to choose a headset for sound quality suitable for the Game, Game series or the type of game you want to target.

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For example, if people play fps games & require good directional competence like CS: GO or PUBG then you will need a bass guitar with a very low bass (bass), higher ranges. like mid (midrange) and treble (high pitch), the clearer & more detailed the better. With a good mid-range and treble headset, you'll be able to clearly identify the direction of the sound, the different sounds will be separate, detailed & clear. You will be able to distinguish the sound of the gun type & where it fired from, the footsteps of opponents moving on the grass or on the ground.
And when the customer is an AAA Game lover or the Game genre is not too dependent on sound systems such as MOBA (LMHT, Dota2 ...) and RPG (Blade and Soul, Final Fantasy, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ...) ) then people should choose a headset that has a good balance between the sound bands. With a balanced headset, you will be able to experience the game to the fullest. You will not only be able to hear clearly the sound of the moves, the character's activities but also the background music and other sound details in the Game.
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If people play the game with the presence of many motor vehicles such as World of Tank, WarThunder, Armored Warfare, ACE Combat series ... then customers will need a headset with strong bass. With a good bass headset, the sound of explosion, engine sound, gunfire sound will "have" a lot more. Everyone will be able to fully immerse in and enjoy the fiery battlefields in the game.

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