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Ben Guyatt

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Fairfield Park, Hertfordshire

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I am a simple guy who is blessed to be part of a loving family and group of friends. I am also blessed to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

I was raised to count my blessings and to be aware of others who may be less fortunte. I was also raised that if I can help then I should help.

I am now a father and would like to instill these same qualities in my children and there is no better way to do this then thorugh leadership and example.

I am passionate about many causes however I know I must focus my limited time and resources on a select few in order to produce what little effect I can.

The charitable causes I am most passionate about are:

Cancer Research and Prevention:

These are a devastating group of deseases. Like most of us, I have expereinced first hand its impact on people's lives and the lives of those around them. I am pasionate about the work many good Cancer charities do including the care and support for those currently suffering plus the research done in order to find a cure. However I am probably most passionate about raising awareness of how some of these cancers can be prevented in the first instance. A few simple decisions in life such as diet, exercise and lifestyle choices can help massively yet many people do not fully appreciate or believe this to be true.

Physical Health:

Another area that I have witnessed first hand its impact on poeples lives and of course the lives of those around them. I have a lot to learn from the many poeple have are winning in life despite suffering from a physical health issue. Their resilience and strength in the face of such adversity is an inspiration. And I am blessed when I can be around such people. Of course, not everyone is winning and I am passionate about supporting how I can.

I am particularly passionate about the following:

Cerebral Palsy

Arthristis: Psoriatic arthritis, Rhuematoid arthristis and Osteoarthristis.

Spinal cord injuries

Multiple Sclerosis.

Mental Health:

I remember at a very young age talking to my Mother about my Grandfather and his fears of growing old and I remember her saying "as long as he keeps his mind, he can overcome anything else". This is was the first time I comtemplated as a young boy what is must be like to suffer from a mental health issue. Of course, mental health issues come in many forms and can affect people of all ages and walks of life. Some are well understood and some are still not so well understood.

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