Excavator brush cutter and its models you may not have known!

Excavator brush cutter and its models you may not have known!

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An Excavator brush cutter is a multipurpose tool. It is a striking piece of attachment for your skid steer for clearing land, shredding trees, cleaning ditches, and much more.

We can clear brush, monster green grass, and more in a secure way. Coming to its design, it comes in two models. Rotary and horizontal. Each of thems purpose is the same.

A horizontal Excavator brush cutter is highly used for cutting grass on the lawn. A horizontal excavator brush mower with fixed teeth helps sort out all your cutting-related problems in the lawn and the field.

Likewise, you can use a rotary model in the areas where there are no people, houses, or other safety issues in the way. These machines are not perfect to work well on rolling ground.

Rotary Brush Cutters are highly inexpensive than the horizontal cutters. It has parallelly rotating blades that finely cut each brush. But the drawback is it leaves the cut portion of brush on the ground without processing it.

Rotary cutter components are inexpensive, and they are easier to build. Horizontal Brush Cutters are different from the rotary model. It has blades that are attached to a steel drum.

Brush Cutter Varieties

The brush mulcher consists of three types and is fixed, flail, and ax blade. A flail cutter breaks up the brush with sharp blades. Likewise, its particular design makes it capable of transferring massive rocks with ease.

A fixed tooth cutter helps to cut material below the ground level. Its sharp blades are attached to the outside of the drum.

Ax blade cutters, just like the name, it consists of sharpened knives. Using Ax blade cutters, we can cut grass, weeds, and brush with diameters of up to six inches. For optimal results, you have to sharp the blade two or three times a week.

We can also make the benefits in reaching up onto steep slopes, reaching into areas selectively, and digging into ditches. Excavator brush cutters are handy and ideal for cutting dense grass in tight spaces. Its compact design can navigate to tight spaces to selectively remove brush.

For getting the best result with this attachment, make sure that you are processing with a material that suits your cutter. Analyze what type of terrain you are using with the cutter.

Before selecting the attachment, make sure the environment you are going to work with.

Our brush cutters offer a unique 360° rotating set of teeth, which increases the longevity of the attachment, massive capacity bearings, and lightweight. Bush cutters help limit future regrowth, Expand usable property, Reduce brush piles, prevent wildfires, and mainly Leave landscapes looking great.


Buying a machine attachment which is not strong enough to solve all the works you calculated will be frustrating. It leads to a waste of money spent on a useless attachment.

If you have vast acres to clear, then you can opt for an open front cutter.

It helps to maintain or create new trails in the woods or around a lake, Clear large areas for future development, and Clear weeds along fence lines.

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