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I love animals since I was a young kid.  As years go by, one has learned to move on from self actualisation and self needs to the more immediate needs of animals at large, such as the threat to the natural habitat of orangutans and pygmy elephants in Borneo, Indonesia in relation to palm oil related deforestation, in Africa the poaching of elephant tusks for ivory and the innocent killing of rhinos for their horns in Chinese medicine in the preposterous belief of their healing properties, and last but not least the ignorant Far Eastern communities that still consume cats and dogs in modern times beggars belief and it is awfully soul destroying!

In the United Kingdom, we have foxes but with urbanisation, foreign investment, building regeneration and development, foxes that used to survive on smaller creatures such as rabbit, moles and field mice are forced to subsist in urban areas where they live by scavenging on bins and anything in rubbish bins spell toxicity.  And this is most harmful to their health and which explains the reason for sarcoptic mange seen in some foxes.  There are many shelters for stray animals but few like The Fox Project organisation that would treat injured foxes to total rehabilitation, ultimately returning them to the wild.  Having seen their life saving work on television and facebook on injured foxes, I feel compelled to help them even in the smallest possible way. My affinity for foxes has grown since I started feeding them. They come every night in my cul-du-sac looking for food, and I ensure there is a huge bowl of food put down in the garden for them all year round and if I go on holidays, others in the family will follow my tradition.  Wildlife is truly an integral part of our eco-systems.  Without wildilfe, all around us will resemble the likes of Las Vegas in day time - a plain 'desert' so full of dullness, in contrast to the plains in the Serengeti and the Savanna, where wildlife is plentiful and they regenerate life on our planet earth. And Life is true light, illuminating the core beauty in nature.

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