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Of course, we really want to create the best products in the world, but if they are not monetized, the project will eventually be closed. The company needs investments and, of course, every business is planning to become highly profitable. Therefore, the product should benefit not only customers, but also their own creators.

The success of the Slotsspot UK IT product depends on the actions of many people. To help them allocate responsibilities and understand how they can influence the process of creating and promoting a product, I need to be able to create and use a product roadmap. To do this, I need to correctly formulate goals, define metrics and KPIs, deadlines for each stage, and the results that are expected to be obtained after each iteration. Product strategy and its roadmap are closely interrelated. My strategic plans should be projected onto a roadmap and have the appearance of tactical decisions. I understand that the roadmap is not set in stone. It needs to be reviewed and corrected in the process of product development and adapted in accordance with new data, competitors' actions and information received from users of our netent slots list and the rest of slots


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