ASC Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

ASC Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Navi Mumbai, International

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ASC technology solutions private limited is a leading BIM services provider in India working on domestic and international projects. ASC is a trusted bim outsourcing company for many clients across the world.

Being the most trusted bim consultants, We provide BIM services in India, the USA, UK, Europe & Australia.

Our staff comprises experienced and qualified professionals with experience in developing complex architectural BIM models, structural BIM models, MEP BIM models, shop drawings, 4D /5D BIM Models, and quantification. ASC, a BIM company in India, is having its head office in Mumbai.

As a bim services company, our core services include:
Architectural BIM Services.
MEP BIM Services.
Structural BIM Services.
Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Services.
BIM Clash Detection and Coordination Services.
Scan to BIM Services.
4D/5D Construction Simulation Services.
MEP Shop Drawing Services.
Landscape BIM Services.
Land Development BIM Services.

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