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It takes years to reach at the position where American Standard Circuit stands now. ASC Inc. took a step ahead in pcb manufacturer industry by maintaining highest level of trusted quality in this service providing business. We have a strong and talented team of engineers to design with creativity and in a professional way to design and manufacture the circuits to solve your purpose in a affordable way.

ASC Inc. work on various different type of service such as PCB Design & Layout, Flex PCB ,  PCB Prototype , Gerber viewer , Custom PCB , Testing rf  RF Testing , Ceramic PCB and Machining. We also specialize in Flexible PCB and Rigid Flexible PCB , IMPCB ,RF / Microwave PCB, Metal Core PCB, rigid flex pcb, Micro Via PCB, Cavity PCB, Hybrid PCB, Back-drilling PCB , PCB Thermal & Digital PCB. Do feel free to give a call to ASC Inc. on (630) 639-5444 to get a quote or answer of any of your query.

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