Arthur Hawker

Arthur Hawker

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Drybrook, Gloucestershire

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Hello, my name is Arthur Hawker I'm 21 years old and recently I have decided that I want to help raise money for charity and eventually start my own charity. The reason I'm so motivated to fundraise is because I could easily enough sit around and say "I can't be bothered I'll do it tomorrow" but how many people are going to die in those 24 hours because I sat there and did nothing purely because I can. I will assist as many charities as possible until I've gained enough understanding to plan out and create my own. My interests are mostly things I have not done and am currently unable to do, but would love to try everything, firstly my main interest is to go to poverty stricken areas of the world to see first hand how they live, poverty is what I am mainly looking to change, but to get there I first need the resources which I am currently unable to obtain, so im starting off small by fundraising in my local area or by joining other peoples fundraising, I am happy to volunteer for anything that I get chance to.

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