Terry Straight

Terry Straight

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Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

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Hi everyone.

I'm Terry & aged 58, I became disabled after a road accident in 2012 after being on the road as from 1974.

I've also lost many family members & friends over the years & now PLAN to do a little something other's can benefit from.

So in artfuldodger (nic name given 2 my small 1300cc Suzuki Carry Van) I plan 2 tour the pleasure piers around England, raising funds for charity's.

My FACEBOOK page is :-) artfuldodgerukfundraisergmailcom

Please view & it is also hoped your even consider support to the drive plus share details to everyone you know & even request your boss/businesses would kindly consider also joined this great event.

I can be contacted via :-)

Email...........  artfuldodger.uk.fundraiser@gmail.com

Facebook .... artfuldodgerukfundraisergmailcom

Mobile......... 07845.009699

Thank you for your time & truly hope: via May 2014 you & your friends/boss would of considered & joined my drive.


Terry Straight aka artfuldodger

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