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I've been raising money for various charities for several years, whether it's for children with upper limb deficiencies (I was born missing my right arm below the elbow), schools for deprived areas in India and Africa, emergency relief funds for natural disasters, namely the 2004 tsunami or massive earthquake that rocked Pakistan or animal welfare...the list goes on! Most recently I finished working with a project for 250 young adults that creates a simulation of the European legislative process in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. I'm currently volunteering my time and skills to Macmillan for their Capital C events which will change how cancer care is provided in London.

Although I have done plenty of volunteering over the last 4 years, moving countries meant that I couldn't dedicate the time needed to train up for a sporting event.

Throughout my life I have met and known wonderful people, colleagues, friends and family affected by cancer. It's a very difficult experience to watch that suffering. However, one pattern that became apparent to me was that children, teenagers, the elderly and the general population all have charities lobbying for them, creating social events and giving much-needed support. But how about young adults with cancer? Where do they find support that is tailored for their very specific needs? This is where I heard about Shine Cancer Support and decided that this is a cause I want to support, not just with my time, but also by fundraising through sponsored sporting events.

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