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Please can you support me with a small donation?

I'm fundraising for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland.

As many of you will know I've had a few injuries recently- with a torn hamstring in May this year.

I'm back running but pretty slowly! I'm not fully marathon fit but I'm planning to run the Berlin marathon on Sunday 24th September followed by the Glencoe marathon on Sunday 1st October. 

I'll be taking them slow and steady!! 

It might not be the wisest plan (as you know wisdom was never a strong point) but I want to do this in memory of the three great friends Michael and I have lost this year - Susan, Jim and Duncan. The world is a poorer place without them and we miss them. Even though not directly relevant to all three of our friends,  the charity Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland is a great cause - and helps many, many people in Scotland with these common conditions as well as a lot of work to prevent them. 

So please help me if you can - I know it can be a nuisance to have people ask for sponsorship but I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you so much 


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