Ann Aston

Ann Aston

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Worcester Park, Surrey

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I have reached a stage in my life where I would like to give back to the community and the obvious way to do this would be through the charity sector. I work fulltime as an office manager/PA but would be able to volunteer one or two evenings a week (excluding Thursday) and some weekends. When I was younger I enjoyed volunteering for the Red Cross as a first aider.

I would be interested in mental health, or woman/teenager's issues. I do not have any formal training in these fields, but life experience has given me a desire to help if I am able.

I see myself as blessed since I was adopted as a baby into a loving family. However, my mother became a 'manic depressive' when I hit my teenage years. This, and other relationship experiences, developed an interest in psychology and our perception of reality. I believe I have some understanding of both the pressures that a carer is put under (especially as a teenager) but also how someone who has been labeled desperately wants to be heard and not just medicated. 

We all deserve to have a voice, be heard, and if necessary be helped in the right direction. Funding is being cut all over the place and the vulnerable are the ones with the weakest voices. I would like to make a difference and help give them a voice.

To relax I enjoy tending my garden, walking and cycling. My friends are an important part of my life and help to keep me balanced.

Please contact me if you think I could make a hands-on difference to your organisation.



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