Affordable Bridesmaid Gift Ideas They'll Love

Affordable Bridesmaid Gift Ideas They'll Love

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Bridesmaids play a big part in your wedding and getting them something special to recognize their role in your wedding is a wonderful way to tell them thank you for all their hard work. Selecting right beautiful bridesmaid dresses that suit them perfectly is the first step, and the most important thing is to find great bridesmaid gifts for them. If you know your bridesmaids well enough, then choosing the right gift for them can be easy.

You have a myriad of options when choosing gifts for your bridesmaids. However, it is best to think of each individual and decide what gift would be best for her.

So, without further ado, here are some great bridesmaid gift ideas for you to choose from.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized bridesmaid gifts like handbags, jewelry are great gift options.

You can buy them elegant purses that they can use to match with their fall bridesmaid dresses 2020 or buy them larger handbags that are more practical for everyday use.

Personalizing items such as a Tote bag is ideal for the girl who is always on the go. This stylish yet functional bag is perfect for travel necessities. To make it even more appealing you can also give these gifts in your bridesmaid's favorite color or give each bridesmaid a different color to appease all of them.

By giving your bridesmaids personalized gifts, it will give them the impression that you truly value them not just as bridesmaids but you love and care for them.

Jewelry is another great gift your bridesmaids can actually wear on the day of your wedding and long after it. Also, depending on your budget, you can give each bridesmaid either a set of jewelry or individual pieces such as bracelets or a pair of earrings. To take things to another level you can have the names of each bridesmaid engraved on each piece of jewelry.

Manicure and Pedicure Treat

If you want to spend some time with your girls before or after your wedding and give them something at the same time, then this is one way to do it.

Do-It-Yourself Bridesmaid Gift ideas

Home-made bridesmaid gift ideas are plentiful; you just need to figure out what your bridesmaids will like. You can make personalized candles,  jars,  or make your bridesmaids a hand-painted mug.

Some other bridesmaid gift ideas could be paying for a yoga class, shopping gift cards, or magazine subscriptions.

Gift baskets

People love gift baskets. Getting your bridesmaids the same type or making gift baskets specific to each bridesmaid's individual likes and interests is a great idea.

You can even include some of the above bridesmaid gift ideas into one basket for each bridesmaid. Making the baskets to have a particular theme for each bridesmaid will depend on what their interests are such as beauty-themed, movie-themed, or homemade themed.

However, bridesmaid gifts don't have to look cheap. There are plenty of creative ways to make bridesmaids gifts inexpensively beautiful.

It is all about matching the gifts to the personalities of your bridesmaids while keeping in mind that the presents should be lasting reminders of your wedding and your friendship.

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