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I am an Albaphile whose home is on the Isle of Skye, even though the Home Office is still looking at me sideways. I believe that volunteerism is the best way to raise one's self-esteem and be useful to the community, hence the world at large. What we do affects everything else and it's a good idea to start where we are.

I began my volunteer life at sixteen, as a candystriper in a re-hab center in Claremont, California, USA. I continued to volunteer in Hollywood, CA, as a promoter's go-fer, and it was a great way to learn the business of putting on big shows. I continued with volunteer hospitality work for agents and organizers. I have taught drama to kids, sung in choirs and acted in community shows, sewn and designed costumes, designed small sets, been on Mountain Search and Rescue Squads, written newsletters for churches and women's groups, and run camera and audio for public television.

My zest for health and the joy of a vital body led me to volunteer my shiatsu and massage energy to hospice and AIDS patients. I have donated my time to charity shops, the elderly, Friends' organizations of many libraries--I have actually helped move a library into a new building...not my only volunteer moving experience! 

I have baked, cooked, cleaned, and greeted my way through many senior center events, written a news blog for three years to serve a need in my mountain community, and so many more opportuniites were grabbed for a way to make ME feel better. That it all helped others was extra frosting on the layers--it is a sweet way to go.

I love animals. I am crazy for UK history and historical sites. I like to get things done and be a part of a greater whole. I am a writer always, and a singer of many songs. When it's all done, I love chocolate and the company of good friends.

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