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I am Andy Small, 18 months ago I weighed 25 stone. I have always been a big guy and after struggling with my weight, I made the decision to do something about it.

In a year and half later I have lost 9 stone, by healthy eating and regular exercise. I was an XXXL and now I am a Large!!

Running, has become a major part of my life, it helps me destress, its free and keeps me fit.

I will be running the Thanet Coastal Half Marathon on September 7th and would ask you to sponsor me to raise money for the Friends of Mental Health (East Kent).

During our lives, some people are likely to suffer some type of mental health illness, either directly or indirectly. This can be a one off experience or can be ongoing throughout life. Mental Illness is not necessarily visible and is still a taboo subject. When you start to talk about the illness and impact it has on the sufferers, families and  friends lives, people don't know what to say.

Over the past two years, my stepson has suffered from mental health issues and without the support of the Mental Health Unit, Early Intervention Psychosis Team and Friends of Mental Health (East Kent) based at St. Martins in Canterbury, our lives would have been unbearable. As a family they have provided pratical support, as well as always being there to listen.

Please donate as much as you able, you never know when you or someone you know may need these services




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