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Andy Mydellton

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Uxbridge, Buckinghamshire

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I am most passionate about preventing animals from becoming extinct, because once a species had disappeared, we have lost it forever. Like many people, I do not want to be a simple bystander, allowing fabulous animals from disappearing whilst I 'get on' with life. Instead, I want to be 'full on' and make it my business as I find that this is my niche in the world.

Giving money for this cause is OK as I prefer to 'spend' it this way rather than buy a flash car, update my PC unnecessarily or buy some other gadget that makes someone else wealthy, yet does not give me fulfillnes of life.

So too is it with my time and efforts. I trained to be an international leader for wildlife projects where we actively 'work' for an animal or a group of them, instead of being bored out of my head sitting on a beach getting sunburn and skin cancer. This 'work' is absolutely opposite the normal notion of obtaining a salary, knuckling under an obtuse boss who is as selfish as hell.

I gave that up as soon as I could - and still have guilt complexes about wasting over half of my life doing that. Now will they give me my time back? No, of course they, and everyone else cannot. But at least I can BE me and use my time, effort and money to have a really fine life.

I know I am not the ONLY person like it, but it does explain who I am! Bully for you, if you understand this, because you too can make a difference, both internally and externally.

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