Andy Cochrane

Andy Cochrane

Current Location:
Morpeth, Northumberland

My Profile

I am a retired Army Captain, with 15 years experience as an HR Manager.

I worked from 2010-12 as HR Manager at The Alnwick Garden (a registered charity).  I loved the culture and positive can-do attitude, and obviously working for a great cause.

I am currenlty out of work and looking to offer my HR skills and experience.  I am very happy to carryout basic HR administration; letters contracts, maintaining Data-base and HR records and information, through to recruitment, training and development to HR strategy and policy development.  I can probably work 2-3 each week, or more dependant upon the task/project.  I could equally provide Employee Relations adivce for disciplinary, grievance, attendnace management or with equal Opportunities.  I live in Northumberland and can work anywhere in the country, Tyne & Wear and North Durham.

I currently volunteer at Bede's World where I'm helping to build a wooden ship, but I'd really like to use my professional knowledge more.

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