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Andy and Molly Abrahams, father and daughter are undertaking 5 weeks of voluntary work in Ecuador and Sri Lanka in July/August 2016. Both projects involve working with established charities in these countries and are self funding. Volunteers have to raise £2500 for each project to participate in the voluntary work.So with 25% of any money raised being donated to the equivalent charities in the UK, Shelter, Mencap & Mind that carry out similar work, the overall target for both is £6300.

In Quito, the capital of Ecuador,180 000 families are homeless or live in slums. More than 1 in 5 live below the poverty line. Volunteers work with the existing local organizations to educate and provide help with health & hygiene for the street children. 

Due to trauma, as a result of 35 years of civil war and the aftermath of loss due to the Tsunami, Sri Lanka used to have to have the highest suicide rate in the world; 9000 people a year (25 every day). There is 1 psychiatrist to 500 000 people! Now, due to volunteer psychology graduates like Molly carrying out counselling services, suicides have reduced to 4000 a year, which is still too many.

We had a highly successful Charity Entertainments Evening in March where we raised over half the money required, but now we are asking for your support by sponsoring Andy to complete a 'Half Iron man'. The event involves:

  • swimming 1.8 kilometres in an open water lake,
  • cycling  90 kilometres and finally
  • running 21 kilometres.

 Andy is 'no spring chicken' and has been training for 6 months for this 'torture', which has nearly caused a divorce. Andy had his first dip in the open water at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham last Sunday. To give you an idea of how cold it was, there had been snow flurries the night before. 

To quote " I'm no wimp, but this was the most horrendous physical experience of my life. I have never felt cold like it. I could barely move my limbs with the shock of the cold, it was dark and intimidating"."This will be the hardest challenge I have ever attempted".

Anyone who would like to contribute towards Andy's sufferance, please make a donation to a specially set up fund:

‘Abrahams Fundraising Events’ Account Number: 89333368 – Sort Code 09-01-28 or the Just Giving web address.

 Thank you in advance for any donation you make, no matter how small, as it contributes to improving the lives of children and communities who need our help.

 Molly & Andy Abrahams

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