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Create Android Apps that Cut Across Versions and Languages
When it comes to Smartphone technology and its use, the designer has to be conscious of many things. Android app developers are aware of the importance of designing apps that are wide ranging and even internationally usable. Some of the most important considerations when designing apps for the Android are:

The Operating System (OS)
There are many different versions of the OS out there, and with each upgrade a newer version is released. For example current Android OS ranges from version 1.5 up to 3.1. To make the most of the reviews on google play it makes sense to develop apps that can work across all the different versions.

Users of Smartphones like the Android across the globe speak various languages. They too need the same kind of apps used in English-speaking countries. There are different ways to get the code responsible for languages translated. One popular method is by uploading the code to the website, While there is a free trial of the translation service, payment is calculated by the number of strings of XML code uploaded.

Internationalizing and localizing Android apps is an important aspect of marketing the products. Any good designer wants to make their app usable in other countries since Smartphones and devices that use Android OS are available everywhere.

Size of Display
One of the good things about the Android is the choice of displays available. Since the Android OS is usable on various devices, there are different display sizes. Of course there is no surprise here, but the way apps look on the different devices will also vary. As such, apps have to be designed to be seen or used just as well on a small display as they are on larger ones. This is one challenge app designers have to overcome.

One way to do this is to place images and other viewable features into what is known as an asset folder. There is one such folder for each type of display. There are other related features that must be addressed if you want to ensure as wide a user base for your app as possible.

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