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My name is Andrew Mortimer and I am hoping to attend an overseas Gap Year to Hong Kong with Project Trust.

Project Trust is the original educational 'Gap year' charity in the UK and has been running for over forty years, their goal is to send volunteers (18-19 years old) overseas for either an eight or twelve month placement to help teach skills such as conversational English, ICT, Science, and Outward bound. This allows the volunteers to increase their chances of being accepted into university or giving them an amazing quality of experience for their chosen career paths.

I have recently been selected for the programme and now need to raise £5400 in order to secure my placement for the year. I am hoping to spend a year in a fairly rural village just outside of Hong Kong teaching outward bound, this is to teach practical skills such as navigation, hill walking, climbing, orienteering, canoeing & kayaking. I am also hoping to get the time to do a bit of travelling around China itself, spend some time learning to play my guitar a little better and learn some local music as well as learning Cantonese.

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