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Saleem and I are taking part in Race to the Stones on the weekend of 13-14 July 2013, which will see us completing a 100km (62 mile) walk along the majority of the Ridgeway National Trail from Chinnor in Oxfordshire to Avebury in Wiltshire.

We are raising funds for the Wythall Animal Sanctuary, a small charity local to us, to help support the wonderful work they do.  It costs £6,000 a week to keep the sanctuary running and they rely entirely on donations.

We adopted Titus and Yin-Yang from them in December 2012.  They were from a litter of kittens who were found with their mother abandoned in a park, just one day old.  The team at Wythall Animal Sanctuary set them on the right path with quality food, care, vaccinations and human interaction during their few months there.

If you've met them then you will know that Titus and Yin-Yang are in great condition and an absolute delight.  This is why we would like to say a big thank you to Wythall Animal Sanctuary and help them continue to find good homes for as many strays or unwanted pets as possible.

Thank you!

Amy & Saleem

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