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Alex Atuheire

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Kabale, Northamptonshire

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Alex Atuheire is CEO and Founder of Amatsiko Organisation.

Amatsiko is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) operating from Lake Bunyonyi in South West Uganda helping orphans and vulnerable children to have quality of life.

At Amatsiko, they believe that universal education should be a right and not just a privilege. Therefore, they endeavor to currently support 200 children, many of whom have lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS virus. They are currently providing basic food, clothing and bedding, supporting children through school, offering guidance and counseling services, teaching basic hygiene and sanitation and encouraging spiritual development through fellowships supported by local donors.

They hope to improve the lives of the children they help with their future goal of starting income generating projects. Ideally, Amatsiko would like to be largely self sufficient and thus not overly reliant on charitable donations. Therefore they believe that income generating projects could be the key to the sustainability of the project. They intend to build a ‘Chicken Coop’ and ‘Permaculture Home Gardens’.


In the short term this will provide egg, fruits, and vegetables for the children that Amatsiko supports, helping give them a better diet and preventing malnutrition and its associated diseases.


In communities around Lake Bunyonyi diets are often unbalanced with deficiencies in both vitamins from fruits, vegetables and protein from meat. This particularly impacts on pre and post natal mothers and children exposing them to preventable diseases such as Marasmus, Kwashiorkor, anaemia, skin conditions and stunted growth. These are highly prevalent in the Lake Bunyonyi area.

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