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Alida Downie

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Leuchars, Fife

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Hi! I'm Alida, I am the owner of Makeover Rover Dog Grooming in St.Andrews and have been grooming for 7 years now. I also have a condition known as Ehlet Danlos Symdrome (type 3). Not many people have heard of this condition and it can be very frustrating for those with it as it is even poorly understood in the medical world, which is why I would like to raise some awareness and some money to help.

For those of you who have met me you will know that my hair is really very long (as pictured) so I will be shaving it off with the help of the girls at the salon to raise funds for Ehler Danlos Support UK, I will also donate the shaved hair to the Little Princess Trust who will be able to use my hair to make wigs for boys and girls who have lost their hair through cancer treatment. Links to both charities are below;

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