Alhagie .y. Touray

Alhagie .y. Touray

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  Am a Doctor residing in the Gambia. I have graduated from the University of Gambia in The year 2012, I have served for 5years as an Internal Medical Doctor.

  My motivation to organize this charity choise is to build a community Orphanage in Busumballa Village which has been my goal in life.

  Am currently providing shelther for 9orphans and providing shorlaships for their education and as healthcare.

  Now after much strugle, i am planning to build an orphanage which can shelter more than 30children and provide staffs that will cook food and take care os the homeless children.

  My interest is to create fund for the investment, provide money to take care of the orphans. Currently mybudget for the investment is $20,000 and am interested in making sure this plan goes right.

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