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Saudi Arabia and Middle East Ministry based in Bahrain

I am 57 year old Indian an independent evangelist in the Gods wineyard. From last 25 years I am distributing Bibles and Tracts in Saudi Arabia. I am requesting help from all Gods Loving People to give hand for Saudi Arabian Ministry.

Saudi Arabia is an Isamic Country, not allowed to enter Bible and Christian Literature.

I am bringing Bible and Literature, Tracts many languaes with very risky, but GOD give me grace and strength.

more than 3 million people are perishing, so we have to give the word of God to each and Save them from sin.

I request all brothers and sisters sincere prayers for this ministry.

Brothers and sisters or Churches, individuals can help us by any means to continue the ministry.

Please Pray for our Work and Ministry

In His Love

Alexkutty David

Mobile 00973 39034597

Email :

P.O. Box 24097, Muharaq

Kingdom of Bahrain

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