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Hello, I'm Alex, welcome to my page.

I have set up this page to raise awareness, and hopefully money, for a trip I am going on with The Warwick School to southern India.

The main reason for the trip is to go to a deaf and blind school and refurbish their building, and to help the local craftsmen build an extension.

While we are out there, our group will also be going on a trek in the local foothills and visiting the local town to experience a different culture.

The expedition spans a three-week period in July 2015. The company running the trip, Adventure Lifesigns, has community links in the village and will be accompanying us, along with two teachers from our school.

Obviously, this project is costing each of us a pretty penny £1,950 so any donation you could spare would be tremendously appreciated.

Many thanks,

Alex Pitts

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