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The swim team had a disappointing showing at the NCAA tournament. They swam their best but the competition was just too strong. The meets were held in Los Angeles and a couple of the guys were curious about the gay clubs in the city. Gerry, Willie and Freddie ventured out and had an experience that they never expected. By the time they got back to their quarters they were frightened and felt lucky to be alive.

After a light dinner the three freshmen made their way to a club that was very appealing on the outside. As they entered, all eyes focused on the effeminate freshmen particularly the shapely Freddie. Willie, Gerry and Freddie walked around checking things out. There were guys dancing and guys hanging out by the bar. It looked like a sports bar with all the TV's around except that gay porno was being shown.

They found some seats and sat there watching the movie playing. The scene was two guys fucking. They both had their pants down and a cute guy was on all fours. The other guy had a big cock and he drilled the cutie with a shapely bubble butt ass. They watched as the guy pulled out and sprayed cum all over the curvy buttocks. Then the guy put his cock back in the shapely ass. The second guy jerked off and came on the floor.

Freddie was really turned on watching the porn flick and he had a boner. Then they decided to move and he followed Willie and Gerry upstairs to see what was happening there. Freddie noticed that there were guys having oral sex as they walked around. They found a small theatre like setting with more porn playing. The three of them then made their way to the seats. Willie and Gerry entered a row of seats but Freddie entered the row above them.

They moved to the center of the row to watch the porn but they never had a chance to relax. Within seconds Freddie had a guy behind him and a guy in front of him. His pants were pulled down to his ankles and he felt large hands on his buttocks. The man played with Freddie's ass briefly admiring the shapely butt he was about to fuck. Freddie felt a liquid squirt into his anus and then a thick finger probed him pushing the lube in deeper. He then felt a strong hand in the middle of his back pushing him over slightly. Freddie bent over and arched his back accentuating his curvy ass and then he felt the intrusion.

A huge thick cock, bigger than coach's, worked its way into his ass and he wanted to scream out loud. As he opened his mouth to cry out, another huge cock filled his mouth. Freddie almost gagged on the cock that entered his mouth but he got his hand on it and controlled the penetration. He now bobbed his head up and down on the big dick in his mouth and then he realized that he was sucking his first uncut cock. He liked the feel of the cock head sliding through the foreskin and he liked dipping his tongue into the soft flesh. Freddie had momentarily ignored the cock in his ass until it went deeper and then he felt more discomfort.

This ritual continued for a while as Freddie would adjust to the thick cock and then it would go deeper and he felt more pressure. Each time there would be discomfort at first, then a cramping sensation, then a bloated feeling and then his ass relaxed. Freddie was sure that the cock was almost all the way in as he had never felt so full in his life. He wasn't sure how much more cock he could actually take. Fortunately, he was right and with one more push he felt the man's pubic hair tickle his buttocks. Freddie knew that the stranger was all the way in his ass now and he wondered just how much cock he had taken. Was it the biggest cock he would feel that night? He hoped so!

Willie and Gerry knelt on seats in front of Freddie and watched as Freddie handled two very large cocks. The two strangers were big fit guys and they were enjoying the pretty Freddie. It didn't take long before Willie and Gerry had their own pants pulled down, their assholes greased and penetrated. They both grunted as large cocks filled their assholes and began to fuck the unknown men. Willie and Gerry continued to watch Freddie as they had their own asses reamed.

What the boys did not know was that everyone at the club was not gay. There were plenty of muscular bisexual guys there who liked getting their cocks sucked and fucking cute gay asses. Some of the bisexuals were married but their wives were not into anal sex. Others liked going to the club instead of chasing women as they knew they would always get to fuck someone.

Freddie by now had gotten into the act as he was more comfortable being fucked in the theatre. Freddie fondled the balls in front of him and scraped the stranger's perineum. He felt the man's body tense and then his cock exploded in his mouth. A gusher of semen filled his mouth as the guy shot at least six voluminous rounds into the succulent mouth. Just then the man behind him stopped moving and thrust his cock as deep as he could in Freddie's ass. Freddie felt his ass fill with cum as the guy behind him came in the beautiful bottom. Freddie felt hands on his buttocks again as the man caressed the curvy ass cheeks while he emptied his cock in the sweet ass.

Just as Freddie was getting his mouth filled and his ass filled with cum, the two men fucking Willie and Gerry also came. They felt the rigid cocks erupt in their asses and shoot gobs of semen deep into their rectums. The men stayed in Willie's and Gerry's asses until their cocks softened and slipped from the well-used bottoms. Willie, Gerry and Freddie were all sporting their own erections and were in need of their own release. As soon as the men removed their cocks, Gerry turned toward Willie and took Willie's cock in his mouth. No sooner had Gerry engulfed Willie's cock then there were two more men on either side of them. They once again had big cocks in their asses as Gerry sucked on Willie's cock.

The two men had also left Freddie and then another man appeared behind him. Within seconds, he was bent over and his ass was filled with another large cock. This one went in easier and Freddie was sure it was because he was stretched by the first one that night. Freddie's cock was hard and he wished someone would suck it for him. He called out to anyone listening.

"Please I need to cum too."

A deep voice called to someone who was fucking another cute bottom. "Bring your toy over here and have him suck this cock."

Freddie watched as another young cute gay was pushed over and forced to get on all fours in front of Freddie. The pretty boy took Freddie's cock in his mouth and began to suck on it. Freddie watched the boy get fucked as he too was fucked from behind. Freddie came quickly and flooded the boy's mouth but he remained hard and the boy kept right on sucking Freddie's cock. The four of them continued until the two men came in the two lovely asses. Freddie came in the boy's mouth again.

Willie had Gerry had had their asses filled with cum again while Willie had cum in Gerry's mouth. Now Willie sucked Gerry as they were once again butt fucked by two new men. Freddie was led out of the row of seats and to an open area. Gerry watched as he wondered where the men were taking Freddie. The men had Freddie get down on all fours and then someone passed a bottle under his nose. Freddie inhaled and found the vapor made him lightheaded but the odor was intriguing.

Freddie noticed that many men had gathered around him and they were all stroking their hard cocks. Freddie's clothes had been removed and he was completely naked on the floor. He only hoped that he would be able to find the clothes later. Freddie felt another large cock fill his ass and then he looked at a huge black cock in front of his face. Freddie took the cock in one hand and began to lick and kiss it. The black man was impatient however and he pushed forward shoving the cock in the boy's mouth. Freddie controlled the penetration and gave the black guy a great blow job.

Both men came, one flooding his mouth and the other his ass. Then the two cocks were replaced by two more and Freddie sucked and fucked until they came. Freddie was then rolled over on his back, his legs lifted and his ass filled once again. Then he saw another effeminate looking boy placed on all fours and made to suck his cock. Freddie watched as a huge black man knelt behind the boy and shoved his cock into the boy's ass. Freddie's head was turned to one side and he was presented with another uncut cock. He decided that he liked sucking on the uncut cocks. Within minutes the cocks were spurting in Freddie's ass and mouth again as Freddie shot his load into the other boy's mouth.

Freddie lost track of how many cocks he sucked and how many were in his ass that night. He had no idea how long they had been at the club but he knew it was a night he would never forget. He managed to cum three times himself that night but he wished that he could have fucked one of the other cute boys whose mouths he came in. Willie and Gerry had also been royally fucked that night but it was nothing compared to what Freddie endured. Willie and Gerry located Freddie's clothes and helped him get dressed. They hurried out of the club and back to their quarters. After showering, douching and scrubbing their young bodies, the three of them slept soundly and woke up late the next morning.


The rest of the team had not ventured out but entertained each other and the coach. When coach heard about Gerry, Willie and Freddie he told them they were lucky to get out of the club without being injured. Some of the clubs were known for their rough behavior and even bondage especially with new fresh meat.

The team returned to the campus and had a relaxing week. Final exams were just a few weeks away and the team swam at their leisure to stay in shape. Freddie needed a week to recover from his ordeal at the gay club and Robby let him recuperate. Robby hung with Tyler and Marty for the week. When they weren't in class, studying for exams or swimming; the three of them were enjoying each other's body.

Coach had been actively recruiting and he was excited when two junior college transfers approached him about joining the swim team. They were both accomplished swimmers and had good grades. Coach took them to the pool and timed them. He was thrilled with their performance and spoke to them afterward.

Tony 6'2" and Vince 6"3" were handsome very fit young men. They did not look gay and coach explained the team to them.

"I would love to have you guys swim for me. What do you know about our team?"

Vince spoke first, "We heard that everyone on your team is gay."

"And you are okay with that?"

"Yes, that's why we came to you. We have offers from other schools too but we would rather be here. You see, Tony and I are lovers and we roomed together. However, we have never come out."

"Well you could have fooled me. I was not expecting that. Okay if you want to be on the team, I can offer you a scholarship. I have four seniors on scholarship graduating this year."

"That's great!"

"Okay get dressed and we'll go to my office and then to admissions."

Coach Harris was very pleased as he had two accomplished swimmers for the next season. He also had four cute freshmen walk-ons attending next year. They would compete for the two remaining scholarships. After they were done with the paperwork, coach told Vince and Tony to come back to the campus the following Saturday. He would have one of the team members show them around the campus and facilities. He already knew that he would assign Robby to them and they would be pleased.

The week passed and on that Saturday Robby was to conduct a tour for the transfer students. He recalled the coach's instructions including the words to make them happy. Robby was unprepared for the young studs. They looked like guys in a fitness magazine. He felt his loins tingle when he met them.

They walked around campus leaving the natatorium for the last stop. As they walked around the mutual admiration grew between them. Robby was impressed with their stature and they loved looking at his curvy bottom. After he had shone them the setup at the pool and the locker room, he brought them into the training room.

Tony commented, "The coach said that you guys have a lot of fun in this room."

"I'm surprised he told you that but yes, we have had some fun in here. Do you know that the team is gay?"

"Yes, we do. That's why Vince and I decided to come here."

"You're gay? I would never have guessed that."

"We are, Tony and I are lovers but we have only been with each other. We never came out that we are gay."

"Wow! I had my coming out here. I had never had sex until my freshman year here."

'The coach told us good things about you Robby. Why don't you take off your clothes and let Vince and I see that ass the coach raves about?"

Robby smiled at the handsome hunks and moved to lock the training room door. He then placed towels and a massage oil on a massage table. He took off his clothes and watched as the others did too. When he saw their impressive cocks, his body tingled. He dropped to his knees and took a dick in each hand. He stroked them and alternated sucking them. Minutes later they lifted him up and had him get on the table.

Using the massage oil, they caressed, fondled and massaged his lovely bum. Tony probed the delightful anus and eased his finger all the way in. Vince handled Robby's cock with an oily hand. He loved the dual attention and he was anxious to experience their cocks. Both of them had cocks around seven inches and not too thick. Robby thought that they were perfect.

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Tony got on the table and eased his cock into Robby's sweet ass. It was only the second ass he had ever been in and it was a beauty. Vince moved around to the front of the table where Robby willingly took the cock in his mouth. Robby was the first gay they had sex with other than each other. It was such a turn on that they both came quickly and filled the freshman's mouth and rectum with huge loads. They were pleased with Robby's ability to handle the massive discharges.

They guys switched positions and Vince was treated to Robby's receptive ass. Robby took Tony's cock in his mouth. This time it would take the guys longer to cum but not that long. They were so excited to be with the super fine Robby that they came sooner than they expected. Robby's rectum and mouth were filled a second time with loads almost as large as the first ones.

Robby was allowed to roll over and get on his back. Vince leaned over and took the smaller cock in his mouth. Tony massaged Robby's body and tweaked his hard nipples. No one had ever paid attention to Robby's nipples before and he loved the sensation. Robby ejaculated quickly and filled Vince's mouth. Vince swallowed every drop and then he moved to the end of the massage table.

Vince was hard again and he lifted Robby's legs up and eased his cock back into the sweet ass. Tony moved to the side and took Robby's cock in his mouth. At that moment Robby wished that he had another cock in his mouth. Robby came before Vince did and then Tony moved into position to fuck Robby. They were at it for hours before they finally headed for the showers. Afterward they got dressed and returned to the main building. Robby wished them well.

"You guys are going to be a great addition to our swim team."

Vince replied, "Thank you Robby. You were everything the coach said you were."

Tony added, "We will look forward to seeing you next season."

They said their goodbyes and Robby returned to the athletic dorm. He went to the Union Hall to get a snack as he was starved. Later he stopped by Tyler's and Marty's room to tell them about the new students. They listed to Robby and they both got excited and had to have Robby again. Robby had nothing left in his tank but he enjoyed the two teammates fucking him.


Coach Harris invited the four freshman hopefuls to his home after a tour of the campus. He also invited Stewart to join him. Other than his gut feel he did not know if the boys were gay. That afternoon would give him some indication. Roger had Stewart wait upstairs in the bedroom while he got the boys settled at the house. All four were 18-years-old but two of them would turn 19 before the start of the fall semester.

Chris 6'0 was taller than the others and more athletic looking. Colin stood at 5'7" and weighed about 150 pounds. He had light brown hair and an angelic face. He looked more like he was in middle school than a high school senior. Danny was a real cutie with an ass that rivaled Robby's, he was 5'6" and about 140 pounds. Then there was Spence and real beauty. He was very effeminate with long blonde hair and a killer ass. His legs were so shapely he could easily pass for a girl.

The coach gathered them on the pool deck and served soft drinks, iced tea and water. He did not serve them alcohol. They all acted a bit nervous as the coach spoke to them. He described the scholarship situation and made it clear that the four of them were walk-ons competing for the two remaining scholarships.


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