Albert Bright

Albert Bright

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38400 Puerto de la Cruz - Tenerife, London (Greater London)

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I am a very active person with a lot of visions concerning the wealth of nations, economy and health.

I have taken a sabbatical year again, a very active one ;-) .

Actually I am writing a trilogy, applying astronomy-rules to economy-challenges - to improve the wealth of nations. The first two books are written: 1) Astronomic Solutions a new model of universe, ISBN 978-0-9930836-0-0 - and 2) Astron-Economic Solutions a new model of economy, ISBN 978-0-9930836-3-1, both presented at British Library, up to now being self-published, see as well . The third is on it´s way. After Francois Quesnay, 1758, this will be the second economy-theory deriving from physiocratic aspects.

Actually I am living between London and Tenerife, but establishing in London, as the rest of the family will move to Great Britain, the two sons are/will be studying here.

I have an international touch. I am German, was born in Afrika,  educated in Spain and Germany (master of economy) - and have been working for a lot of international companies in a lot of countries. I manage 4 languages: German (native speaker), Spanish (native speaker), English (good), French (medium business level).

My main strengths are vision, strategy, marketing, sales, organization, motivation.

My main hobbies are astronomy, writing, painting, guitar, volleyball, tennis, sailing, jogging, dancing.

For the rest of my sabbatical year I would appreciate very much working 2 or 3 months with a charity organization.

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