Arghierenia Kyrimi

Arghierenia Kyrimi

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I am an acting student and freelance writer, ambitious, organized, enthusiastic, commited and responsible. Originally from Athens, Greece and now resident of London. Since a young age, 13 years old to be exact I have volunteered for many actions ranging from children support and care to helping stray animals, partcipating in awereness races for breast cancer and organizing fundraising events for charity foundations and organizations in need.

Since I move to London (August 2012) I have not had the chance to be involved in any actions, but I now I'm settled and have finally time to offer.

The main reason I want to help other people is simple; I can. I've been offered help myself in the past when I was a victim of severe bullying and people have offered their help and support to friends' with cancer. I know that if it weren't for those people things would have been much tougher and I know that there are people out there needing my help. It's all a cycle we should help and protect each other from misfortune and unfairness.

Key Skills and Abilities

High Communication Skills

High Organization Skills

Fluent in English & Greek



Screen Writing

Public Speaking


Additional Skills and Qualities

Cooking Skills

Translating from Greek to English and vice versa

Average French Speaking Level 

Drawing/ Painting

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