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Forms of insecticides used by the pesticide insecticide in Dammam:
The forms of insecticides varied depending on the number of insect species desired to control or exterminate them. Each insect is no different from other insects in terms of resistance and ability to cope with environmental conditions. To combat each insect based on their types and categories, and the most popular forms of insecticides used in the next:

Pesticides Technic grade:
Clean pesticides or pores are the primary form of the active substance in all forms of insecticides without mixing them with any other substances or similar vehicles, and they are characterized by being highly effective for this. They are used significantly during the preparation of all categories of insecticides.

Pesticides Powder Dust Insecticidal:
Pesticides Powder or powder is a clean active substance mixed with specific percentages of talc powder and other chemicals, as well as grinding by special devices to produce in its final image with the same characteristics and measurements that suit the type of insect to be exterminated.

Outstanding Pesticides Wettable powder:
Pesticides suspended or wetted are an effective clean substance combined with talcum powder and water suspension. They are simply water-soluble to be used as a water suspension to eliminate insects by air or on the ground. The pesticides that are outstanding are other pesticides that are highly active.

Emulsion Arrangement Emulsion Concentrate:
Emulsifier is an effective clean substance that has been mixed into a solvent such as acetone to increase its ability to melt completely, which increases its efficiency and efficiency against insect control.

The most common and used insecticides:
The vehicles and materials of the most common insecticides and the use of their quality and effectiveness were divided into two types:

Organic phosphorus cars:
Organic phosphorus compounds are characterized by their effectiveness similar to the effectiveness of chemical pesticides. However, their effect on animals affects their animals and leads to their loss from time to time due to severe poisoning.

It is considered one of the most famous organic phosphorus, which has the ability to melt in water, which adds to its effectiveness immediately after ingestion and passage of the digestive system of insects.

Malathion is an organic phosphorus that is characterized by its low toxicity to other pesticides, but it is characterized by its wide range of effect and effectiveness. It is used to eliminate insects that have acquired immunity to hydrocarbon hydrocarbons, in addition to its use to combat termites. For three months.

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Diazinone is an organic phosphorus that is characterized by a moderate toxicity. It penetrates the body of the insects through the skin. This is used to fight all insects, especially those that have acquired immunity against DDT. The results continue for more than a month on the walls.

Chloride hydrocarbons:
Hydrocarbons are chlorinated hydrocarbons that are free from impurities such as DDT. They are insoluble in water, but are soluble in petroleum and vegetable oils and other organic solvents, in addition to being fixed and non-transferable to use or mixing with other substances. This is commonly used to combat:

Agricultural pests.
Animal insects such as fleas and ticks.
Flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies.
Creeping insects like cockroaches.

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