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Furniture storage establishment in the Saudi capital
The furniture storage establishment in the Saudi capital is an institution that works all the time on the service and comfort of the customer as the best institutions of transport and storage of furniture, among other institutions, which distinguishes them from the quality and accuracy of work and excellent work inside and trained on the basis of storage and transport of furniture and our company is the leading institution in the world of furniture storage in the capital Saudi Arabia Riyadh in its various fields Let us know more about the institution.

The factors that make furniture storage institution in the Saudi capital a leader in the world of furniture storage:
As a result of the work for many years in the field of storage of furniture certainly distinguish us from others because of our long experience and learn about everything that is modern in the field of storage of furniture.
 We have the best warehouses that are suitable for storage, which in turn are against insects and do not allow access to water.

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We allow the entrance of the sun and air to the store because of the occurrence of rotting and rotting furniture to the trend of fire extinguishers to defend the furniture.
 Selection of trained manpower to work on the finest details in the storage of furniture and the decomposition of pieces and transfer without harm and maintain.
 As the institution provides its customers with semi-transport vehicles and transport to transport all pieces of furniture and furniture to the store without the need for a medium between the institution and the client.
 The company supplies the best packaging equipment such as karate, boxes, plastic, ropes, adhesive tapes, paper, etc.
Steps taken by a furniture storage establishment in the Saudi capital to carry out its work:
القيام Disassemble furniture:
The first and most important period in the process of storage of furniture because it depends on the hands of trained and professional in the process of jaw without catching any damage to the furniture when it is dismantled in a way that wrong the institution relies on specialists from carpenters and maintenance workers, plumbing and electricity to avoid any damage or damage or break.

القيام Packing furniture:
The second step that comes in the wake of the jaw is the packaging, which is done by the classification of cuttings and different materials, and this is because each piece is not similar to the packaging of the different materials, such as manufactured pieces of wood are wrapped by cardboard and cardboard The glass pieces are wrapped by sponge not broken Antiques and antiques are wrapped in plastic foil and then placed in strong boxes in a specific manner for non-breaking and other things and raw materials.

القيام Carrying furniture:
The third step is the most dangerous step in the process of storage of garbage and this is because the wrong transfer may expose the pieces to breakage and damage or damage to this institution uses the winches and hydraulic levers to be transferred in a precise and thoughtful without moving and without recording damage to them.

القيام Store furniture:
The fourth and final step in the storage process is to transfer the cuttings to the warehouse and to sort and stack them in a specific manner and in tanks that are not similar either to the pieces of furniture, the cup and the electrical appliances are placed on the floors completely isolated from the leakage of water and the arrival of insects to it.

Furniture storage establishment in the Saudi capital
Furniture storage establishment in the Saudi capital
Factors that make us deal with furniture storage institution in the Saudi capital:
المؤسسة The institution carries out all procedures at the highest level and with accuracy and professionalism, fully and thoughtfully.

التخزين The wrong storage of cuttings may lead to the fundamental damage resulting from damage and breakage of the furniture because it is done through carefully thought-out steps and specific tools.

في In the situation of travel members of the house may occur seizures and furniture is not insured so you can count on us to store and protect all pieces of furniture and keep the house to be more reassured.

عدم Do not expose the cuttings to the ventilation and sunlight may cause them to mold and moisture which leads to the destruction of this we rely on the competent institution in the correct storage of furniture.

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