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The institution is characterized by the use of the most forms of pesticides that eliminate the spread of ants in a final way.

Anti cockroaches
Cockroaches are one of the most dangerous forms of insects to human health, so their spread is a cause of concern for home women because they add to the chances of getting the most serious diseases.

The insect control institution in Khamis Mushayt has the best pesticides that eliminate cockroaches by using micro-machines that reach the narrowest places where cockroaches can hide and prevent them from breeding.

The Foundation is also interested in the variety of ways to fight cockroaches by using the paste of cockroaches toxic and the use of the best types of powdered pesticide cockroaches of high impact.

Fight mice
Combating rats with Khamis Mushayt is one of the best services of the insect control institution in Khamis Mushait by saving the most modern devices in the control of mice and their disposal, in addition to the use of electric traps, which results in effective cooperation in the speed of disposal of rats and rodents.
The Insecticide Foundation in Najran

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The Insecticide Foundation in Najran is one of the largest pest control and pesticide control establishments in the Kingdom. The new insecticide provides accurate and accurate circulation to eliminate all insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, bugs, ducks and termites, as well as poisonous and biting insects such as snakes Scorpions and mice and this by the workers of the Foundation for the control of insects in Najran.

The best insect control organization in Najran
Our company is one of the best and best pest control institutions in the area, where it deals with all standards of conciliation through which the elimination of all forms of insects and those measures:

The trained workforce is the most important factor on which the institution depends. They are hired according to their success in passing many exams as they are trained in new and international programs in insect control.
New pesticides are imported to all forms of insects to eradicate them and this is one of the largest international institutions that seek to invent the modern ones every year.
A beetroot insecticide offers excellent service prices that no other organization can compete with, especially with the huge discounts it offers during the seasons and holidays.
Methods of elimination of termites through the institution of insect control in Najran

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