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Agniya Mirgorodskaya

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My name is Agniya. I have recently obtained an international Politics Degree in City University London. My Focus and general interst was in studying the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict. I have had a vast experience in visiting peace organizations in Israel, as well as being involved in charity events for children and elderly while working in an International Jewish Organization Hillel. I have also spent a summer working for an IOM (International Organization for Migration) where I was involved in helping migrants in Moscow in hard life situations. 

I feel that the subject i feel closer attachment too are those of national minorities being discriminated against. 

My strenths are my knowledge of 5 foreign languages (Russian, Spanish, Frensh, English and Lithuanian), cultural awareness and an ability to find approach to all. 

My interst of getting involved in chariries is the feeling of satisfaction that you get after helping someone. I find it really rewarding and worth of my time and effort.

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