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AfricaPVC produces PVC tarpaulin and PVC coated tarpaulin, with great flexibility, excellent tensile strength, and tear strength and develops all kinds of durable PVC tarpaulin materials for different applications.

Geomembrane liner manufactured by Africa PVC meets all standard quality parameters and can be a safe and economical option where one would like to conserve the environment.

Africa PVC is a leading Manufacturers of PVC Tarpaulin, Truck Covers, Vinyl Flooring, PVC Geo-membranes and Waterproofing Membrane.

Easy to install and clean, vinyl flooring for low costing housing, offices, hospitals and clinics, schools, prefabricated containers and more.

AfricaPVC is Kenya's best waterproofing membrane manufacturers. Here you can buy waterproofing products, PVC waterproofing membrane, home waterproofing products, etc

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