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Data/Web extraction and conversion

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Available Mar 2016 - Mar 2017

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I have a postgraduate qualification and nearly 30 years' experience in IT. I would like to offer data extraction and conversion services including web scraping. This is a need that has come up many times in my professional and private IT activities. You may have some important data in the wrong form - maybe in a database created by an obsolete application, or in a lot of files or e-mails. Maybe you have a website which you no longer have write access to, but need to extract the contents in a usable way, probably to create a new website. This is a task I'm keen to do for the right organisation. In addition I have good web and general design skills and am very literate. I'd be happy to set up a website (e.g. static or Wordpress) from extracted data. Get in touch with your particular data problem and let's discuss it. I'd estimate time needed and take it on as a one-off job, but can offer some (couple of hours a week) ongoing support.

  • Location: London, London (Greater London), NW6 6TF
  • Start Month: March 2016
  • End Month: March 2017
  • Category: IT Support >

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