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My name is Adam lynch and I'm a musician in a band called The Baby Jaynes. A lot of the music we perform is on the streets around the country and we can't help but notice what seems to be a growing number in homeless people. Many of the homeless we meet, share similar interests to ourselves and more often than not they would rather talk about music than ask us for money. 
We have always shared our earnings with anyone homeless we meet, usually by offering them food. This however is just a small gesture and we would like the opportunity to do this in a wider scale. 
We have a few radio stations keen to have us on their show and we see this as a great opportunity to create awareness about the growing number in the homeless and how people might be able to help. We can do this through our music by putting on gigs and continuing to busk on the streets. 
If there is any help you can offer ie promotional flyers or campaign stickers as a visual aid to help create awareness please get in touch. 

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