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Huge advantages of playing chess that you might not know
Chess is one of the most famous board games for all age groups. Moreover, it brings a huge benefit for the development of your children. Letís find out! 
Chess is a classic strategy board game invented over long time ago in India. It is said that Indian rulers at that time asked his sages to come up with a method to teach the royal children to become talented persons. Chess is created thus. In the century when chess was invented, the game was spread throughout the world. Despite the face that lots of other games disappear slowly, Chess still exists. In America, the Chess has received the certification of many educators, and nearly 100 schools provide programs of training how to play chess for thousands of students every year. 
Why is that? - The answer lies on its huge positive effects of this 2 player board games
Benefits in studying 
Focusing - Children will learn about the benefit of careful and focused observation. If they don't keep an eye on what's happening on the board, they won't be able to react, no matter how intelligent they are.
Visualizing - Students are reminded to visualize the consequences of an action before it takes place. To win a competition, children must think and imagine not only one but many moves in their head in advance. 
Thinking in advance - Children are trained to think twice before taking action. The game teaches children to ask themselves, "If I move like this, what will happen, how will I react?".
Taking options into consideration - They learn how to identify choices and advantages and disadvantages of many different moves. 
These pieces of information are available at Board game ideas
Analyzing Concretely - Children learn how to evaluate the outcome of specific actions and sequences. Does this order help us or harm us? Decisions become more precise when they are shaped logically, rather than spontaneously.
Planning - Players must know how to build a long-term line goal and step by step achieve it. Also, they will understand the importance of reevaluating their plans when the situation changes.
Juggling Multiple Consideration at the same time - Children are stimulated not to be too absorbed in one thing but to consider many factors at the same time.
Benefits in life 
Chess game sometimes is like a real life. There are lots of difficulties in life you have to encounter with. To overcome any challenge, you need to have a smart strategy and great bravery. 
In addition, playing chess is a good way to make friends with others. Broaden your friend circle  - broaden your chances. 
In conclusion, there are so many reasons for you to try playing chess. No need to buy board anymore because many chess games on smartphone are available. Just pick one Board game for 2 players and work out your brain everyday. 

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