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Known for our exceptional service and product selection across the globe, ACME Whistles has become the leading manufacturers in whistles. ACME Whistles started out in Birmingham in the late 1870ís under the name J. Hudson & Co, after the founders Joseph Hudson and his brother, James Hudson. We have since gone on to produce 93 authentic and genuine whistle designs which we are proud to call our own. The first whistle was created as a replacement of the outdated policemanís rattle in 1883. When tested, this whistle could be heard from over 1 mile away and was taken on by the Metropolitan police. Legend states that Joseph Hudson would insist to personally test every whistle himself before they left the factory to ensure the whistles quality. We are proud to say that this process lives on today in our factory based in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, where machinery completes this test. 

Our designs have revolutionised multiple industries and the processes within them, impacting hugely how they operate as an industry. Over 40 new whistle designs have been created over the 135 years, including a range of world first products. These designs include: The ACME Thunderer, Silent Dog Whistle, Life Jacket Watersafe Whistle, Scout Whistle, The Metropolitan Police Whistle, and The Tornado. FIFA officials favour The ACME Thunderer as their football whistle of choice, due to its reliability on the pitch. This well-loved icon produces a loud and clear sound which is perfect for both smaller training pitches and large stadiums alike. The ACME Thundererís pitch and tone can be changed easily making its whistle call perfect for instructions or important commands. This whistle can be found being used across many different sporting events, including major football, netball, and hockey games, to name a few.

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