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To whom this may concern,

Iíve joined this website in hope a charity will be able to help me, or be able to point me in the correct direction.

Iím a single mother who has struggled many years with certain issues like dyslexia which was not noticed till I was 30 years old once I did the full dyslexia test which showed I was at the level of a 9 year old. I believe the reason for this was down to me suffering with hearing problem for such a young age, this wasnít noticed till I was 10 years old I then was given a hearing aid to wear in my right ear which was my good ear. This confused me as over the years of me growing up, people I met wore their hearing aids in their bad ear to help try and find a level of hearing which was nearly normal. Unlucky for me my right ear which is my good is has been affected by the hearing aid and now the level of hearing in that ear is bad too, I stopped wearing my hearing aid at the age of 16 years as I felt if I didnít stop I would lose hearing in both ears. Due to my early years as a child having bad experiences I lost all confidences and I went in to foster care from the age of 14 till 16 then on to hostels which I still was very vulnerable which stopped me speaking up and getting any help to sort my hearing aid situation out.

At the age of 30 I received counselling and this built my confidence up, to allow me to get tested for dyslexia, and to get my hearing tested to sort out what help I could get. I waited a long time I did not hear anything, then at 31 years I became pregnant and my concern was not been able to hear my baby. I then started the ball rolling again to try and sort stuff out before my baby was here, I got a hearing test but I waited 1year and 9 months before I heard anything about getting a hearing aid the process took ages to actually get me a hearing aid I could wear.

If you are wondering how come itís take me this long to try and get help Iíve never know how to go about it or where to go, I then got in touch with the sensor team in Beverley who went and started getting the ball rolling with getting thing fitted in my flat to help me keep safe my son safe as nothing would wake me up which meant I couldnít use stair gates as I wouldnít hear him if he was crying this upset me so much that I was unable to hear my own son who is 2 years and 5 months old. My son is clever bless him he will bring me my phone, shout door if someone knocks and he will clap to wake me if Iím nodding off as at the moment Iím having tests do to find out why I keep falling asleep during the day.

The sensor team passed me on to life line which is a system which goes off to tell me my son has gone in the kitchen, bathroom or out the front door and when he is in bed it will tell me he has got up and out of bed. If the system doesnít wake me someone will shout through the monitor to try and get hold of me, if they still canít someone will come round to check on me and my son. This is great it still isnít helping me if someone comes to the door Iím having to leave it unlocked which is so unsafe for me and my son, Iíve been wanting to get a hearing dog so it will keep us safe, informing me of any dangers in the block of flats or if someone was at my door, and when Iím out and about as when I have hearing infections I cannot wear my hearing aid which causes me to be unsure about going out with my son or on my owe.

Iíve tried to also get sign language lessons for me and my son as I feel my hearing will become worse as I keep suffering with ear infections constantly, and I want us to be prepared. The responses I received was very upsetting as I was told as my son is not totally deaf then we do not hit the criteria. which also meant I did not met the criteria for any form of help with the costs of the life line system which is there to help me and my son, as I want us to be safe Iím having to struggle to pay 47 pounds a month to be able to have this system.

All I want is someone to help me keep my son and myself safe within are home, and to prepare are selves if my hearing becomes worse which it will, Iím at college trying to better myself to provide for me and my sonís future and I cannot get any support with equipment to help with my dyslexia like a laptop, printer, talking recorder, and thing which will help me.


Please if you feel you could support me with something I will be very grateful, as Iím out of ideas thank you for your time.

Miss A Skye

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