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Indonesia Thailand or the Philippines,which ones for you,now in this video my goal is to show you,the differences between the three,countries if you guys are first-time,travelers out to Southeast Asia or if,you guys are trying to plan your next,trip out to these incredible countries,let's dive right into the video now,welcome to my channel if you guys are,brand new my name is Christopher allow,full time YouTube travel bloggers who,absolutely loves traveling out to,Southeast Asia now I've been to the,Philippines on four separate occasions,Indonesia on four separate occasions and,I currently live out in Thailand and I,absolutely love it now which of these,countries are for you I feel after so,many occasions of traveling to these,incredible places they're completely,different and unique in an extremely,good way I want to break down the,differences of these three different,countries and why you should visit all,of them in this video so let's begin,with the Philippines now if you're into,island hopping tropical vibes and some,of the friendliest people in the world,the Philippines is just the place for,you with over 7,000 different islands to,check out now to break down some of my,favourite islands and some of the places,check out in the Philippines let's start,out with char Gow which is rated the,number one island on all of Asia char,guy was seen as Bali five to ten years,ago but booming very very quick there's,incredible surfing at cloud nine amazing,food at the island including parties,every single night,now the first adventure that I'd highly,recommend out in Sharjah is subbu Lagoon,which you should go on with a tour where,you'll find some of the most emerald,green waters in the entire world there's,a diving board right in the middle of,Suba where you can jump off of and have,an amazing day all day swimming in the,lagoon itself I'd also check out some,home code which is a small island just,away from shard ow but 100% worth the,visit we stayed at a beautiful resort in,the middle of a lagoon called Club thar,resort and took us a home code a tour,from our resort now so Houghton Cove,reminds me of El Nido which I'll touch,on later on and you can call it the,avatar of the Philippines there's,incredible limestone rocks all around,the place and it hasn't really been,discovered yet and isn't too popular but,tourists are honest,picking up on the beauty quick so be,sure to check it out as soon as you can,now a couple other spots check out in,Sharjah which would include the palm,tree forest the swinging palm tree which,is right around the corner,the makha Bucha rock pools and of course,the popular island hopping spots at,Sharjah which is glia matt dokku and,navy island but keep in mind you might,get in trouble getting naked on naked,islands now going west of shrug ow,another place I'd recommend is Dumaguete,City there you can check out an,incredible sandbar called the mandroid,sandbar and spend a full day there now,there's a few other islands just off the,coast called Sica island a Pho island,which is known as swimming with sea,turtles and Samoan island that during,low tide has a beautiful sandbar you can,explore now just next to Jamaica City is,another couple locations I'd highly,recommend the first being Cebu now I,haven't explored enough of Cebu myself,but I hear there's many incredible,waterfowl adventures that you can go on,but where I did explore next to Cebu is,it quiet island called Mateen island,which is an ordinary civil now just,medicine though you can take a ferry to,an island that I absolutely love called,bowl bowls famous for the chocolate,hills which isn't made of chocolate this,view is beautiful though hill surrounds,us 1220 signals don't forget all,chocolaty not today though and there's,also a beautiful beach out there that,reminds me of work I called Alona Beach,now Alona beaches of the main beach,where you'll meet your tour guide and,you'll go island hopping now there's a,lot of tourists on that tour however,there's an incredible and beautiful,sandbar and you might be able to find,dolphins too now there's one last thing,on Bowl that you should find is the tar,shares through cute little animals they,are nocturnal so if you find them during,the day they're gonna be sleeping but if,you go out at night they probably will,be awake I don't think you can find them,at night but good luck with that guys,now an island that just recently opened,back up that I absolutely love is,Boracay Boracay was shut down due to an,island rehabilitation but now it's,reopened with less nightlife,it was known as a party island before,and now not too many parties are around,Boracay Boracay is known for some of the,most incredible sunsets you can find and,arguably one of the most beautiful,beaches and waters i've ever swam in on,white Beach I could literally spend all,day on wipe each and waste time away,now Boracay is super duper queen due to,the island rehabilitation although with,slightly less activities on the island,currently an island post to Boracay on a,couple boat rides away and a jeepney,ride which i'd highly recommend is rom,Blanc the two main things to do on ROM,blonde is island hopping where you'll,explore and swim in the clearest waters,in the entire world potentially at least,the clearest waters that I've ever swam,in and the famous and not too well-known,bonbon Beach which is one of the most,beautiful beaches I've ever been to,during low tide you can walk all the way,to the island that the sandbar connects,you to and you can spend all day,swimming it and enjoying the beautiful,sunset on Baba Beach now the sand isn't,too soft but it's still worth the trek,for the beauty and Baba Beach out in ROM,Wan another Island just next door to rob,lon I would highly recommend his,civilian Island where you can take about,a 45-minute ferry ride to one of the,most remote islands probably the most,remote island I've ever been to Cressida,Guyo,Cressida Gayo is just off the coast of,civilian Island and it is an absolute,incredible island when Ivor and I went,there there was absolutely no one else,on the island one boat did stop by with,a couple but that was it for like a six,seven-hour day we absolutely loved,trusted a guy oh and I would highly,recommend if you guys are looking for a,not so touristy less popular area where,you guys might be the only tourists,check out Savoy in Island and check out,crested eagle now another Island I would,highly recommend is just west called,corona Palau and it is absolutely,beautiful which I deemed in one of my,videos as the avatar of the Philippines,there's incredible limestone rocks and,beautiful lagoons that you get to swim,through and I absolutely love korone,there's even a shipwreck that you can,find at the bottom I think it was a,world war two ship and I'd highly,recommend if you like scuba diving feel,like snorkelling definitely go to korone,plowin now another place right next to,Corona which has been covered with,tourists over the last few years,I truly believe they may shut this area,down soon for another island,rehabilitation is,neato it's similar to corrode it's,covered in limestone rocks and if you,had to select between the two I would,probably recommend Kron first because,it's just as beautiful and less tourist,currently now Manila is the major city,on the Philippines that may connect you,to each one of the islands where maybe,you might have a layover you also might,have a layover in Cebu and there isn't,too many things to do out millaa millaa,to be honest with you because I hear and,from my experience the traffic is the,absolute worst in Southeast Asia you can,be sitting in traffic for hours just to,get a couple miles and if you guys are,going to Manila maybe the one thing to,check out is the tall volcano tour or,you can actually go on your own but,definitely go a lot earlier so you guys,beat the tourists that's a Nutella,valcano now there's many other islands,out in the Philippines that I haven't,covered at all including beautiful sand,bars but as you might notice the,Philippines is known for island hopping,adventure so if you guys love snorkeling,if you guys love island hopping the,Philippines is the place for you guys,now the country that I want to dive into,next is Indonesia after traveling to,Indonesia on four separate occasions,I see Indonesia as a relaxing but,adventurous side country you can explore,around Bali which is the main island you,land on and one of my favourite islands,in the entire world I absolutely love,volume you can go surfing out in Changu,after that eat some of the best acai,bowls on the planet experience and dive,into the Balinese culture while trekking,some of the most beautiful rice fields,or seeing one of the most popular water,falls out in Bali,you can go south to the Aloha and catch,incredible cliffside sunsets and there's,a ton of beautiful five-star resorts out,Lulu a to eclipse side and basically,there's so many things to do out in Bali,from backpackers hospitals all the way,out to luxury hotels,now speaking of luxury hotels with your,loved one there's a place out in,Indonesia that I'd highly recommend it's,a layover and probably two flights away,it's called pulo cinta culo cinta is,absolutely beautiful and I deemed it as,the Maldives of Indonesia as the resort,is right on a water bungalow in a,beautiful romantic heart shape and,honestly there's a whole lot of nothing,to do out,but go out with your loved ones it's a,romantic place I would definitely check,it out unfortunately when I went I went,with one of my homies now let's dive,into the real adventures out named,oneisha just recently I went on one of,the most incredible adventures in my,entire life,I checked out East Java and it was,absolutely amazing,now the first place I'd recommend on,East Java is the ijen crater will you'll,wake up at 1 a.m. in the morning just to,catch the blue fire if you're early,enough or I think it's called the blue,flame now be sure to be somewhat in,shape as you have an hour journey up the,volcano then you have an hour journey,into the crater at 3 a.m. and it's all,worth the trek to enjoy the blue flame,and the incredible sunrise at the blue,crater I would definitely recommend the,Eva and at volcano,if these drew shots don't sell you and,going to the Ijen volcano I don't know,what will,now there's another highly active,volcano that I would highly recommend,out in East Java and it's called Mount,Bromo unfortunately it did erupt two,days after we left so definitely be,careful when you guys go but it is an,incredible volcano where you'll catch a,sunrise at one of the viewpoints next to,Mount Bromo,and then shortly after you get to take,either a 4x4 either a motorbike through,this sandy little treacherous type,desert you honestly don't feel like,you're on earth you feel like you're on,Mars and then you get to Trek all the,way up to the volcano and enjoy,incredible views of Mount brelo the,thing about Mount Bromo there's smog or,there's smoke continuously spewing out,of volcano and it's quite the experience,to check out now besides the countless,amounts of volcano trekking on East Java,and again Indonesia is covered with,volcanoes you definitely need to check,out the waterfalls on East Java East,Java holds the most incredible waterfall,in all of Indonesia Tupac so whoo it's,an epic waterfall that if you have a,drone you can get the bucket list drone,shot of the waterfall and a volcano in,the background I'd also recommend the,hike down at the bottom of the waterfall,which takes about an hour and enjoy the,power of the waterfall from below,another waterfall to check out is,Kovu which means blue cotton and when we,arrived there there was absolutely no,one there so we had the waterfall all to,ourselves,now there's other waterfalls out in East,Java but we only had time for these,couple now another incredible adventure,that I went on in Indonesia on my most,recent ship without to Flores in search,for the Komodo dragons I did a three day,tour which I would highly recommend,where you check out some incredible,beaches pink beach itself incredible,locations incredible and amazing,viewpoints and eventually hopefully you,guys find the Komodo dragons,unfortunately next year I believe,they're closing Komodo Island because of,some type of rehabilitation and it's,pretty much better for the island itself,I think they're only temporary closing,it so keep a lookout for that overall,Indonesia has some incredible and,amazing adventures to explore from,volcanoes to waterfalls to finding,Komodo dragons and if you guys are,looking for epic epic adventure I would,highly recommend go to Indonesia now for,my last and final country which I call,home and I absolutely love this country,Thailand Thailand is probably the first,country that most visitors check out on,their first trip out to Southeast Asia,and it's country that I would highly,recommend out of the many countries,Thailand has the best food and if you're,into spicy foods Pad Thai and more the,food is absolutely so yummy out here,definitely eat the food out in Thailand,now when you come out to Thailand the,first place that most people arrives at,is one of my favorite cities in entire,world Bangkok,there's an area called Khao San Road,which has tons of parties hostels and,typically it's where most of the,backpackers stay at now don't get me,wrong there's tons of different unique,and luxury hotels out in Thailand which,I would definitely also recommend a,check out don't forget to eat the street,food it's very very cheap and don't,forget to check out the incredible night,markets and food markets out in Bangkok,you won't regret it I promise now the,thing that I absolutely love about,Thailand into the different vibe that,the country has,you can go island hopping in the south,or you can go all the way to the,mountainous areas in the north let's,start you guys off with the islands in,the south now the first island I would,definitely check out if you're looking,for a romantic type vibe is Koh Lipe,which is known as the Maldives of,Thailand for the aqua blue waters super,romantic vibes and it's not that big,Island but if you guys are going on a,honeymoon if you're going to spend time,with your loved ones definitely go to,koh lipe unfortunately again I was with,a couple of my Bros on that trip now,another thing that I absolutely love,about Thailand is most the islands are,in a chain of 3 or 4 islands very very,closer together so you can easily take a,super portable and a super cheap ferry,to each one of the islands the first,chain of islands that you should check,out is Koh cooed komak and ko Chang,arguably my favourite island in all of,Thailand,now ko coud host in my opinion the most,beautiful beach in all of Thailand,now Thailand also have some of the,warmest waters out of the three,countries we're talking about today so,be ready to feel like you're swimming in,deep komak is one of the lower key and,slower type islands you stay out in,Thailand and next to it is Koh Chang,which is absolutely probably one of my,favourite islands in all of Thailand Koh,Chang is the second largest island in,all of Thailand there's a good walking,Street there's a heck of a lot of,nightlife there's an incredible national,cart there's beaches island hopping in,moron Koh Chang so there's a ton that,you can do out in po jang i absolutely,love Koh Chang because just a few hours,away from Bangkok in just a short ferry,ride away and you can have all the,adventures that you want on just one,island itself now the next chain of,islands I'd like to talk about is Koh,Tao Koh Samui in cope and yang now I,haven't been a koh panyee I yet but I,heard incredible things about coping,yang and I hope to go explore in the,future,Koh tau is known as a backpackers island,with many hostels and beautiful beaches,it also hosts one of my favourite,viewpoints in all of Thailand,Jean Swan a view points where you can,see both sides of the island and shoot,it from beaches in itself a little,nervous David my birthday be careful,fall forward fall into these rocks don't,fall backwards but yeah what an,incredible view now right next to those,two islands I absolutely love Koh Samui,the first time I ever stayed at a villa,on the edge of a cliff,basically like a cliffside tide villa,was on Koh Samui and I absolutely loved,the island,there's tons of things you can do it,kind of reminds me of Koh Chang on the,other side Thailand but there's also,fire dance shows that you need to check,out on koh samui i highly recommend,those three islands if you guys are,looking for island-hopping adventures,out in Thailand now when you go a little,north you run into a city called pattaya,which is just a two-hour south drive,from Bangkok Pattaya is known as a,little beach town that you can take a,ferry to koh Larne which is another,island out in thailand pattaya has a ton,of different nightlife and one of my,favourite villas in all of time Jomtien,pool villas which are currently staying,out right now a thing about Southeast,Asia that I absolutely love are the,villas that you can get and you can get,a lot of value out of these villas we're,currently staying at the jo team pool,villas out in Pattaya where we have a,three-bedroom beautiful villa all to,ourself with the full kitchen area and,the thing I absolutely love about villas,is you have your own private pool so if,you guys are coming up to Southeast Asia,instead of staying at a hotel,staying at a resort definitely stay at a,villa and if you guys are out in pattaya,definitely check out the job tia villa,it's close to the beach and it's also,close to the nightlife I absolutely love,this place and I absolutely love the,villas out in Southeast Asia,now besides those Islands that I just,talked about out in Thailand it the most,popular island that a lot of people,probably hear about and know about is,Phuket which I wouldn't recommend I went,there once my first trip out to Thailand,what I would recommend is if you guys,have more time to island hop definitely,check out the other a couple chains that,I was talking about kochenko so Moy Koh,Tao if you guys have time to check out,more than one island take that over,Phuket there's a lot of tourists out on,Phuket itself now heading all the way,north there's an incredible province,which I just recently checked out with,Rachel Chiang Mai which I absolutely,love Chiang Mai is known for cafe,hopping which Rachel and I checked out a,few different cafes incredible street,night markets and even elephant,sanctuaries now if you guys are coming,out to Thailand from what I noticed a,lot of people who ride elephants and,I've made a couple and multiple vlogs,about this do you not ride elephants do,not promote or support any of the,businesses that has elephants doing,unnatural tricks definitely check out,elephant sanctuary out in Chiang Mai or,anywhere in Southeast Asia where you get,to bathe them and play with them and,even trek with them that's the better,way to hang out with,now another thing that you should,probably check out which Rachel and I,experienced for the very first time ever,out in Chiang Mai recently was the hot,air balloon at sunrise I absolutely,loved that experience and to top that if,you guys are around Chiang Mai in,November definitely check out the,lantern festival which I haven't checked,out yet but this November I'm gonna be,going with a couple of friends with,Rachel and I'm really really excited to,check out the Lantern Festival in Chiang,Mai now another area to check out out in,Thailand is in the central part of,Thailand called Khao Yai which is known,for an incredible National Park which I,visited my first time going to Thailand,a few years ago and actually just,visited it with Rachel it's very very,nature s and it's absolutely beautiful,definitely check out Kyoto National Park,now there's many areas to check out in,Southeast Asia,these three specific countries that I,haven't been to yet but these are some,of my favorite and best experience while,I was traveling in Southeast Asia,specifically Indo Philippines and,Thailand over the last two years again,if you guys are looking for,island-hopping adventures if you guys,snorkel if you guys scuba dive,definitely check out the Philippines I,absolutely love the Philippines for,Island vibes if you guys are looking for,adventurous volcano trekking some of the,most incredible waterfalls definitely,check out Indonesia I absolutely love,Indonesia specifically Bali all my,friends are in Bali and Indonesia is a,beautiful country and if you guys are,looking for kind of all of the above,island hopping mountainous vibes it's,the best food out of the three countries,definitely check out my home country of,Thailand right now I absolutely love,Thailand Packages and I can see myself making,this place home for a while,now I hope this video helps you guys,plan out your first trip out to,Southeast Asia or your next trip out to,Southeast Asia if you guys enjoyed this,video give me a thumbs up comment down,below on some other experiences I should,check out in these three different,countries or other experiences other,people should check out in the comments,below and make sure you guys hit that,notification bell so you guys are,notified before my next videos where I'm,gonna be heading to San Francisco in,just a few days and shortly after I'm,gonna be heading to Scotland for my very,first time in the UK which I'm really,excited to explore with one of my best,friends David other than that thank you,guys for watching again I hope you guys,visit Southeast Asia if you've never,explored there it's absolutely,incredible and it's absolutely,affordable and I'll catch you guys in,the next video,cheers guys,[Music]

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