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Students often face the fact that they can not carry out their tasks on their own. Perhaps, there simply is not enough time, or too complicated a topic for the task, or they simply do not know how to do it.

Then they seek help on the Internet and find various services, whose writers promise to help them. In most cases, you order for a specially manufactured part in these companies only in order to receive plagiarism, which has been reworked and sold to other students.

Worse, you will not receive any compensation simply because their terms and conditions are adapted to close any discretion to recover costs.

Why Students Trust Us

This is what we want to eliminate at 500wordessay.org if we are sure that you will get a high-quality descriptive essay example or other paper you need, not plagiarism, because we can not allow you to read half of your order before making any payments. 

Thus, it is a win-win situation: if we live by our word, you will remain satisfied with the quality of our work, and you will not have the fear of buying the full version. Only one and the other is the only way to get out on a flat surface and stop using fraudulent companies.

Our Order Process

If you decide to use our services, you simply fill out your requirements on the page of our order, and this will happen after you make the order.

  • We receive your order and evaluate whether we have qualified authors to fulfill your order.
  • If you have a competent and voluntary writer (s) for your order, we will immediately notify you by phone or email, and if you give us the green light to take this piece, we will start working on it immediately.
  • Once we finish with the order, we will email you half the order, for example. If your order was devoted to an essay of 500 words (or more), we send you the first or last 2000 words of the essay for your evaluation.
  • After you make your assessment, you will tell us your verdict.
  • If you are satisfied with our work, and in 99% of cases, you are sure to inform us, and you will make your payments, after which we will send you the full text.
  • In a very rare situation where you are not satisfied with our work, you simply stop the order and you will not make any payments.

The authors of 500 WORD ESSAY believe in the old saying: you buy only what you see. How do we achieve this?

By sending you the first part of your article before you can pay, we guarantee that:

  • You carefully study the quality of our service.
  • You can scan the first half for any traces of plagiarism.
  • You will get the overall level of your expected full part.
  • You are sure that your order is executed, and not payment of the order, which has not been processed yet.
  • You will be sure that, since your order will be completed, there will be no delays and excuses: remember that we will send only half of your paper and only after we finish all the paper.
  • Now you can agree with us that this approach is the most realistic way to ensure that you get what you ordered.

We love mutual trust and understanding
Obviously, thanks to the ways of providing our services and taking into account the degree of trust that we give to students, we would also like to deal with honest students. Previously, some students received the first half of their order, only to stop their correspondence.

If you decide to use our service, this is what you get:

  • Half of your paper is delivered before making any payments.
  • High quality and very original paper, written for your exact requirements.
  • Free corrections until you are satisfied.
  • Your paper will never be resold or placed in any database.
  • You get a chance to look into the paper for any grammatical errors or plagiarism before making payments.
  • Fast delivery - you will pay only after the completion of the essay.
  • The most reasonable prices for custom written essays.
  • Our essays are written by qualified writers who have interesting interests in academic studies.

Of course not. We, writers of 500WordEssay.Org are confident in the quality of their work, as, indeed, thousands of students around the world.

Remember that you will pay only after you read and you are satisfied with the first half of your essay and after the essay is completed!
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