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Duhal lamp is a lighting device that is very popular in the market. However, not all users know the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Duhal led lights can save energy compared to other traditional lamps, duhal lights minimize the cost of electricity monthly for users. The life of duhal lights can be up to 50,000 hours. Lighting efficiency of Duhal lamps is higher than other types of bulbs. Duhal led products such as đèn nhà xưởng duhalđèn pha led duhalđèn tuýp led duhal are equipped with quality led chips. During the process of light-emitting, Duhal lamps do not generate UV and UR rays which are harmful to heath.

The index of color rendering index, anti-glare index all meet the standard level for Duhal bulbs. The duhal LEDs are divided into different product lines including led ceiling lights, factory leds, led headlamps, tube leds, ceiling leds, led panel lights, led bulbs, led light troughs.


Lighting of houses, apartments and apartments
Office and office lighting
Lighting hospitals, schools, commercial centers
Restaurant and hotel lighting
Lighting industrial parks, parking lots, warehouses, factories
The heat dissipation of Duhal LEDs is lower than that of conventional lamps such as incandescent, compact, etc. Therefore, the LED chip parts, small electronic components inside are less damaged due to the high temperature.


The duhal led lights are researched and manufactured according to IEC60598 standards, the plastic materials for producing lamps made from polycarbonate flame retardants are safe for users. Moreover, the lamp components are made from high-quality materials, or made from semiconductors so they are less likely to be damaged by a slight impact.

Duhal bulbs are not harmful to the eyes and environmentally friendly, especially this lamp has radiation protection film so its light is not harmful to the eyes.

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